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                        What is www.cnarrow.cn?

                        www.cnarrow.cn is an initiative to bring the academic knowledge of management and leadership to the practicing managers in various industries.? It aims to guide the professionals who are already in managerial positions or aspire to attain one, but lack formal education in MBA.

                        What was the motivation for www.cnarrow.cn?

                        The decade of 90's had seen a tremendous growth in technology and service sector around the globe, people from engineering, arts & sciences? etc were the chief architects of this era. These fabulously talented young graduates quickly reached the positions where they were challenged with? managerial, behavioral and leadership aspects of an organizations. However due to lack of any formal education in MBA , these professionals lack knowledge of proper tools to help them in their jobs.

                        ? ? ? The work life is stressful and it's often not feasible for an individual to enroll in Executive MBA program or? several Certificate Programs that are being offered. Most of these professionals already have a lot of practical experiences, that makes it even harder to sell them the theories of management studies. However , as observed in the current recession (2007-2009), it's quite evident that lack of true leadership combined with inefficient management is one of the causes of the widespread downfall.

                        ?The practical realities as mentioned above motivated me to come up with a practical solution to the problem, namely -

                        • Bundle the vast knowledge of MBA into a form that can be easily adopted.
                        • Identify the fundamental components & processes that can formulate a blueprint of a successful organization.
                        • Bridge the divide between real practices and management theories.

                        Who are We?

                        Ashim Gupta Chief Editor and Content Researcher California United States



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